Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fancy Towels

As many of you know, in addition to working at Decorating Unlimited I paint rooms and furniture and pretty much anything that sits still. Most of this week was spent painting for a couple in Plains. Besides going above and beyond to make me feel totally welcome and at home, they are just adorable! They fed me a home cooked lunch and told me they "enjoyed visitin' with me". I assure you, the feeling was mutual. These folks are precious.
The second morning I came to work the lady of the house showed me where the towels were in case I needed one (I was working in the bathroom). Laid out in front of me was a very pretty set of monogrammed towels that I would not dare come near with paint on my hands. "I never wanted anyone to use these", she explained. "They were special because they have my initials on them, but now they've rotted because they've sat unused for so long." She pointed out holes in the towels and we laughed a little at the irony in that fact. As we turned to leave the room she laughed again and said "Why did I save them? It's not like those are anyone else's initials!". 
The idea stuck with me throughout the day as I continued painting. She saved something for use at a later time and yet, because it was unused it rotted away. I began thinking of the talents and gifts that God has given us, each one specific to us as individuals, like a monogram. Two people may have the same gift, but would use it in two totally different ways. Sadly, some of us (myself included) think we should wait for just the right time to share our gifts or talents, or to serve our community, but while we wait we are wasting time and wasting our God given gifts. The image of those pretty towels with holes in them will be on my mind for a long time and will encourage me to use my God given gifts as soon as possible.