Tuesday, August 16, 2016


One rainy Tuesday morning I was in the checkout line at Food Lion. It was an ordinary day - I was on my way to clean house for a customer and needed to pick up a few supplies. This particular morning I'd awoke around 5:30 am for no good reason. My morning had been full of worry. Worry about finances. Worry about the future. Worry about my own abilities (art / job / career - which have become all tied together into one knot for me). Although it goes against every Sunday School lesson I've been taught, I was facing worry about any, and everything imaginable. Between coffee and a scrambled egg sandwich I was able to get my act together and get on my way to work. Rushing though the store, I hurriedly filled my cart with what I needed and proceeded to the check out line. As I unloaded my items onto the belt at the counter I couldn't help but notice the lady ahead of me - she was purchasing a 24 pack of Drumstick ice cream cones. DRUMSTICKS. Without even thinking I blurted out, "Oooohh, Drumsticks! Those were my favorite when I was a kid!" (and still today, but I refrained from divulging that piece of very private information to a total stranger). The lady smiled a huge, proud smile and told me she was bringing those precious treats home for her grand children. She joked about how she had to hide some of the ice cream so it wouldn't be eaten all at once. Listening to her I remembered that once I had been someone's grandchild. Once I had been spoiled with ice cream treats. Spoiled with sweet smiles, hugs, and love. I remembered how special - how loved I felt when my tiny, 5ft tall Gran petted my hair and asked, "Did you have a good day?". All of these memories swirled together in a matter of seconds and all I could do was smile back at this complete stranger. We exchanged a few polite words before she walked out to her car. What I was left feeling is hard to explain......there have been times in my life when I'm SO very worried, immediately followed by an overwhelming calm, or peace. That is what I felt after meeting Drumstick Lady - peace. My "Three Little Birds Experience" all over again. At that moment in Food Lion I knew everything would be alright. Praise God. I will be eternally grateful for these moments, and will soak up each one.

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